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This is one of our most popular shirts in a glorious pale blue that has all the qualities you expect from the finest quality Italian linen, and an absolute wardrobe staple.  We also stock a slightly darker, more denim blue called Sea Blue.   Whether you are heading to the office, a wedding or the beach, you will want this shirt with you!


Fabulous pink - quite simply an absolute must-have.  Perfect with chinos, shorts, jeans, swimmers or gift-wrapped as the perfect present!  And lets me honest girls, we love our men to wear pink!  This is a lovely soft pale pink which looks terrific with a tan, but also looks great under an office jacket or summer suit.


Aqua; the perfect holiday colour.  A delicious greeny-turquoisey-blue; it is one of the most flattering colours before you get a tan, and even better when you have one.   We find this colour is snapped up as soon as it is spotted on the rail, its that great!  Great with jeans and terrific with a tan and white jeans or chinos.


A warm, soft raspberry coloured linen; we've clients who'll wear this to a winter dinner party; others who are taking it to Necker in February.  Raspberry is quite a few shades darker than the pink illustrated above, and it is just as popular.  We have a small quantity of an even brighter "strawberry" pink in some sizes - phone us for latest stock details if you are interested!


A popular blue; sort of 'where denim blue meets powder' blue.  Perfect with shorts or longs. Whilst the wonderful Sea Blue is brilliant worn with a jacket or suit, this darker version is fantastic with blue jeans.  The darker colour also allows you to appreaciate the beauty of grain in this very fine Italian linen. 


No wardrobe is complete without the classic white linen shirt. Or several. It is a complete all-rounder; terrific with jeans or chinos, a winner with shorts or trunks. And we have one client who'll only wear a linen shirt with black tie – altogether cooler and more comfortable. 

A few Additional Colours; Navy, Mint and Mango

four new colours great linen shirts mint mango turquoise navy

Mmmm, mango.  It's really a wonderful colour; a soft orange that's just brilliant in the summer, anywhere from Ibiza to Sri Lanka.  The shade of this particular colour does sometimes vary from batch to batch, but we love all of the variations!  Go on, bring out your wild side and enjoy this brilliant colour, it will bring a smile to your face just wearing it!


A beautiful dark is smart and cool, tres yachting, tres this summer. Of course nothing beats a crisp navy linen shirt worn over white jeans or cream chinos, and it is equally wearable on a Carribean beach as on the ski slopes!


This is a lovely soft buttery yellow, heading toward sand, so we decided to call it Sahara.  It is a very flattering colour - perfect for a sunny day, a seaside lunch, drinks on deck or for party time. A truly, truly wonderful colour for the summer.   Sahara would look super nice under a linen jacket or blazer for more formal wear, or a summer wedding.  It s new to our 216 collection and is currently in stock in all sizes, without a top pocket. 


A wonderful, refreshing colour; we have called this one Ocean as it sits somewhere between Sea Blue and Aqua.  Its a sort of smokey turquoise, which will look just as great with denims as it will with chinos.  Maybe a "young" colour too. This one is new to us in 2016 and has been made without the top pocket, so really smart to wear under a jacket or blazer too.

These shirts are designed to be a 'comfort' fit, yet may be worn with a tie if required.  The body is gently tailored  in order to be supremely flattering.  The shirt tail is slightly longer at the back and they are designed either to be worn tucked in or out.

In addition, our shirts feature a 'vent' or slit at the sides, which enables the wearer to access their trouser pocket easily without raising or crumpling the shirt.  If you would like help identifying which product and size is right for you please phone or email us for assistance, or to check stock or availability.

Great Linen Shirts come in four main sizes: S, M, L, XL and we have just added XXL is some colours.  This equates approximately to a 14 1/2" for Small,  15½" for Medium, 16½" for Large, 17½" for XL and 18" for the XXL collar size.   The body of the shirt and sleeves have been cut long in length, as we have designed them as a casual shirt.  
All of our shirts have a pocket.  We are often asked to produce them without pockets, and this is something that we are considering for future production.  If you simply cannot bear a pocket on your beautiful linen shirt it can be removed by a handy seamstress or dry cleaners before you wear it.

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great linen shirts

A selection of colours of our Great Linen Shirts
Left to right:
Raspberry, White, Sky Blue, Sea Blue, Pink, Cream, Aqua

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